How to implement Blockchain in Logistics, Supply Chain and Industry 4.0

Frankfurt, Germany
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Two-day training limited to a small group of delegates, dedicated for people who need to prepare for implementation of blockchain into their company


Provide industry professionals with understanding, case studies and methodology to implement Blockchain technologies in their own companies

Industries and use cases:
- Automotive: Telematics tracking, Decentralized exchange for vehicle driving data, car passport, connected car software updates, corporate bond
- Aviation: Supply chain and parts tracking, travel app
- Shipping: Track cargo and freight
- Retail: Movement tracking, provenance
- Manufacturing: Manufacturing as-a-service
- Internet of Things: device identification, M2M transactions, sensor data timestamping
- 3D printing

Key Topics

• Blockchain and Smart Contracts

• Adoption and use cases of Blockchain in the Industry 4.0 space

• Blockchain implementation

• Use case creation & validation


DAY 1:

  • Beyond the hype- Blockchain technology and why it matters
  • Game changer: Smart Contracts
  • Guest speaker: What we learned from implementing a Blockchain project with a client in their company.
  • Timo Stratten, Founder & CEO of innoBlock. Topic: First-hand insights from the latest project with a client in the logistics industry, implementing a Blockchain-based goods tracking solution
  • Current state of blockchain and industry 4.0

DAY 2:

  • Current state of blockchain and industry 4.0, Part II - Focus on Logistics (Use cases from Automotive, Aviation, Shipping and Retail)
  • Strategic enterprise blockchain integration
  • Stev Heinert, Marketing Manager of Contractus. Topic: How companies will cooperate tomorrow. They will share their insights from implemented real-life use cases  with companies and key success factors. Contractus is also developing an European Blockchain for B2B collaboration.
  • Current state of blockchain and industry 4.0, Part III - Focus on Manufacturing (Use cases from IoT and 3D Printing)
  • Group exercise - How could I apply blockchain within my company?


Sebastian Hoffmann

Sebastian Hoffmann is a Partner at ChainLabs, a boutique Blockchain consulting firm as well as an external Expert and Lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Blockchain Center. He founded digiseven, where he supports multiple startups on ICOs and Blockchain utilization. Besides, he is currently supporting ARXUM, a German-Swiss Blockchain startup utilizing Blockchain technology within the Industry 4.0. After obtaining his M.Sc. in Information Studies from University of Amsterdam, Sebastian started his career in management consulting at PwC, where he helped companies mastering the digital transformation. During that time, he advised and supported various major industrial players, such as BMW, Daimler or Bosch.

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